Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio: Definition + Formula

how to calculate a/r turnover ratio

There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it and the more time spent as a “lender”, the more likely you are to incur bad debt. AR turnover ratio is also not especially helpful to businesses with a high degree of seasonality. In these cases, it’s more helpful to pay attention to accounts receivable aging.

Formula and calculation of receivables turnover ratio

This can be due to the company extending credit terms to non-creditworthy customers who are experiencing financial difficulties. The accounts receivable turnover ratio tells a company how efficiently its collection process is. This is important because it directly correlates to how much cash a company may have on hand in addition to how much cash it may expect to receive in the short-term.

What is the receivables turnover ratio?

The more efficient your company is at managing receivable turnover, the higher the ratio will be. Keep in mind that the account receivable turnover is dependent on the industry you’re in. In some industries, it’s normal to have net30 payment terms with customers while in others, customers may have a longer window to pay the credit they have been given.

how to calculate a/r turnover ratio

Do you want a higher or lower accounts receivable turnover?

  1. Also known as the “receivable turnover” or “debtors turnover” ratio, the accounts receivable turnover ratio is an efficiency ratio—specifically an activity financial ratio—used in financial statement analysis.
  2. Businesses must evaluate whether a lower ratio is acceptable to offset tough times.
  3. If you never know if or when you’re going to get paid for your work, it can create serious cash flow problems.
  4. For one, because AR turnover ratio represents an average, any customers that either pay uncommonly early or uncommonly late can skew the result.

This article will explain to you the receivables turnover ratio definition and how to calculate receivables turnover ratio using the accounts receivable turnover ratio formula. Additionally, you will learn what does a high or low turnover ratio mean, and what are the consequences of each. A high accounts receivables turnover ratio can indicate that the company is conservative about extending credit to customers and is efficient or aggressive with its collection practices. It can also mean the company’s customers are of high quality, and/or it runs on a cash basis. Once you know your accounts receivable turnover ratio, you can use it to determine how many days on average it takes customers to pay their invoices (for credit sales).

What is a good accounts receivable turnover ratio?

And, because receivables turnover ratio looks at the average across your entire customer base, it doesn’t allow you to home in on specific accounts that might be at risk of default. To get this level of insight, you’ll want to create an accounts receivable aging report. It tells you that your collections team is effectively following up with customers about overdue payments. A high ratio also indicates that the company has a generally strong customer base, as customers tend to pay their invoices on time.

Industries like manufacturing and construction typically have longer credit cycles (e.g., 90-day terms), which makes lower AR turnover ratios normal for companies in those sectors. The business may have a low ratio as a result of staff members who don’t fully understand their job description or may be underperforming. If clients have mentioned struggling with or disliking your payment system, it may be time to add another payment option.

In general, an AR turnover ratio is accurate at highlighting customer payment trends in that industry. However, it can never accurately portray who your best customers are since things can happen unexpectedly (i.e. bankruptcy, salary and wages competition, etc.). It’s useful to periodically compare your AR turnover ratio to competition in the same industry. This provides a more meaningful analysis of performance rather than an isolated number.

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